The FileBound Content Management & Workflow Solution


The Product


Work is changing and FileBound gives you the agility to stay ahead of it. An end-to-end solution for document and workflow automation, FileBound includes all of the capability you need to improve the way work flows through your organization in an elegantly simple software application:

  • Capture – requires little or no effort for users to store content of all kinds in our secure repository, making everyone’s job easier
  • Electronic forms – allow you to collect data from internal or external users and trigger workflows directly from FileBound, reducing cycle times for all kinds of processes
  • Workflow – empowers users to automate processes with a graphical, user-friendly configuration tool, enabling quick deployment
  • Integration – seamlessly transitions data to/from existing or future applications users rely on to get their work done, eliminating duplicate effort and information silos
  • Analytics – uncover intelligence about the data in the FileBound system, insight into current performance and process status and strategies for future process improvement
  • Mobile – lets users work when, where and how they want with responsive technology that delivers an optimum experience, regardless of the device

 What Makes FileBound Different?

  • Cloud-native technology that delivers the accessibility, ease of deployment and scalability that can only be found in a product built from the ground up to be accessed via the Web
  • No “nickel and diming” or hidden costs because FileBound is all-in-one solution offering a breadth of capabilities, allowing organizations to easily and quickly create or modify solutions
  • Flexible, simple licensing and deployment models that support how our customers want to work at a cost that delivers real ROI
  • Exceptional focus on user experience with a streamlined interface that makes it easy for users to complete even complex tasks with minimal training
  • Economical user licensing options that make it practical to extend secure access to FileBound even to occasional or temporary employees, enabling a truly enterprise approach to work management

FileBound Cloud

fb-value2Cloud technology has become ubiquitous. Once seen only as an opportunity for SMB organizations to scale effectively and affordably, it has become a standard for enterprises of all sizes to become more agile and focus resources more effectively. Long before most people had even heard the term cloud, FileBound was developing cloud-native solutions, making FileBound one of the most mature and robust on-demand information management applications.

Why Cloud?

FileBound customers aren’t required to deploy their solutions in the cloud, and many customers improve the flow of work throughout the enterprise with a premises-based model.  However, there are many advantages to deploying document and workflow automation in the cloud:

  • Support geographically distributed workforces by providing easy access to work from any location
  • Faster implementation, including reducing provisioning delays and the need to wait for availability of internal resources, resulting in faster ROI
  • Quickly scales, delivering greater agility in responding to changing volumes of business, adding new users or responding to business changes such as mergers or acquisitions
  • Takes advantage of economies of scale and requires fewer IT admin resources

Why FileBound’s Cloud?

  • State-of-the-art data centers for outstanding security, reliability and performance
  • Not a hosted version of a legacy solution, so there is no compromise in functionality
  • Flexible, predictable subscription pricing based on usage
  • FileBound’s technical expertise in the cloud and commitment to Customer Success


fb-value3Field Service may be a headache for some, but not for FileBound users. FileBound’s responsive design technology lets employees use FileBound’s document and workflow automation wherever they are with their devices of choice – without compromising usability. Whether using a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop, users have a seamless experience automatically optimized for the specific form factor.

Mobile access is included as a component of the FileBound system without additional licenses or fees, so users have the freedom to work however they choose by accessing FileBound via a standard browser or by downloading a dedicated app. And organizations don’t have to go through another procurement process to extend mobile access to their workforces.

Mobility is a key component in FileBound’s commitment to revolutionizing the way organizations plan, manage and execute work. Allowing users to effectively use enterprise software at their convenience can dramatically reduce delays and inefficiencies, accelerating the ROI of a FileBound investment.