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JetTrac_Monroney LogoJetTrac Monroney and enterprise document generation solution that focuses on the real-time and batch printing of the Monroney Label (Window Sticker). The Monroney label is governed by the EPA, has strict regulations, and is one of the two most important documents that an automobile manufactures (OEM’s) produces. JetTrac Monroney includes a base form template that dynamically can create all 10 different “fuel type” labels required by the EPA. This is a dynamic form that requires slide-bars and graphics that change on every document. Our solution saves the OEM’s thousands of hours of programming generally required to make this work from their vehicle operations system. Monroney labels are generally printed 11” x 17” (ledger-size) custom labels and our recommendation to the OEM’s is to print the labels on ledger-size capable color laser printers.

JetTrac Monroney automatically prints the Monroney label real-time on the correct printers at the OEM’s plants or for batch printing at their ports and processing centers. JetTrac Monroney simultaneously creates a pdf of the document, indexes the document and sends it to a document/content management system for immediate archival and future retrieval or customer presentment. We have also implemented a workflow and approval process for the OEM’s “sampling” proof and approval process that requires vehicle operations and legal approval. OEM’s are required by law to retain a copy of their Monroney labels for at least 10 years.

The Monroney label is also a valuable marketing tool that can provide important marketing information to assist is selling vehicles. Some OEM websites now allow consumers to view a pdf of the Monroney label when searching for inventory on dealer websites. JetTrac Monroney can make the pdf’s easily accessible to the OEM or dealer websites for customer presentment.