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JetTrac BYOD is the Fast Track solution for any business that wants to benefit from the deployment of mobile devices to automate capturing and processing forms-based data. Reducing costs, improving efficiency and driving revenue by eliminating duplicate data entry, reducing turnaround time and increasing revenue generating cycles.
A completely device-agnostic system allows users to complete and submit fillable forms (pdf or html) from any popular mobile device available in today's marketplace.

How & where it works

JetTrac BYOD's server-based components of the solution interfaces with data from other systems to pre-populate forms with known data that can greatly speed up the data collection process then can package multiple forms together and distribute them out to mobile devices for the data collection.
Once the completed forms are returned the JetTrac BYOD server extracts the data and passes it to any other application for further processing.  JetTrac BYOD can index and archive a copy of the form as a document of record, use the data to trigger a workflow process and/or generate a document package.



JetTrac BYOD allows users to complete the form offline as a pdf and have them
automatically submit and process once they return back online.

Modular-Based Solution

JetTrac BYOD was designed to be able to assemble modules together to accomplish whatever processing logic that is required.  Each module is a building block that provides a specific functionality and that building block can be plugged into the process very easily with a graphical application.
  • For example, to populate data into a PDF form the module JetTrac PDFMerge would be used.
  • If at a point in the process flow you want to send an email you would simply insert the JetTrac Email module and configure the information needed to send an email to the right distribution with the desired subject, email body and attachment(s).
  • If you wanted to extract all the data, images, indexes and annotations from a completed PDF form you would plug in the JetTrac PDFExtract module.
  • To automatically create an invoice in QuickBooks you would call the JetTrac QBConnect module.

There are over 25 modules available with more on the way.




The integration possibilities in JetTrac BYOD are very flexible. Because of the modular nature of JetTrac BYOD we can loosely or tightly integrate with other systems to receive data into JetTrac BYOD or to send data and files from JetTrac BYOD to other systems. A loose integration could mean that a system that will feed data to JetTrac BYOD to pre-populate forms can produce an XML or other type of file to deliver that data through different methods to JetTrac BYOD which will then pick up that data and process it. A tight integration would mean that a program would be developed using some kind of development toolkit that would directly integrate with another application. An example of this is one of the JetTrac BYOD modules is JetTrac QuickBooksConnect. When this module is called it will directly interact with QuickBooks to create an invoice within QuickBooks from data collected in a forms process.
Because JetTrac BYOD is modular our clients can even create their own custom modules to tightly integrate with their systems. Or ProTechnology can develop the custom modules for our clients.

Platform Support

The server components of JetTrac BYOD run on a Windows platform. JetTrac BYOD can run in the cloud or on-premise depending on the integration requirements with other systems.
The mobile platforms supported are iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android and Windows.


Out in the Field

The mobile form filling capabilities of JetTrac BYOD allow a field user to quickly and easily fill out the forms with an on-screen keyboard, physical keyboard, pen and/or voice depending on which mobile device is being used. A very important capability is to take photos right from the form and embed the photos in the form so everything stays together. Signatures can be captured by pen or finger signing right on the mobile device. The form can have required fields, dropdown lists, calculations and validations.

  Using JetTrac BYOD in your Business

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JetTrac BYOD can be licensed per server, per user or per transaction depending on what would work best for the client. JetTrac BYOD can be licensed on a subscription basis or as a one-time perpetual license purchase. Contact us for further info.