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ProTechnology provides flexible and powerful field inspection process automation capability. ProTechnology mobile data collection solutions transform field and site inspection processes, providing strong efficiency and effectiveness benefits and improving availability of critical data for compliance, reporting, and analysis. JetTrac Field Inspection technology can be used in any application where field service technicians go out into the field and need to complete forms such as: Oil well tending inspections, permitting, rig construction & maintenance inspections, quality assurance inspections and much more!

We can capture the inspection data faster and with much greater accuracy by utilizing “easy to use” Tablets. There is no more faxing, mailing, transcribing, or back end-data entry processes which means we can reduce your overall cycle time of inspections from what may take you 1-2 weeks today to 1-3 days!

Our solution can also include a cloud-based workflow and document storage solution that manages your overall workflow and approval process, stores all of your inspection documents electronically, and incorporates dashboards with reporting that allows you to better manage your business.