“We partnered with ProTechnology to complete forms development on two projects with very tight deadlines. From day one, they quickly grasped the business requirements and provided a detailed evaluation listing questions and recommendations on each piece of the projects. They did not let any unanswered questions impact the progress of the projects and kept us updated on the status of each open item. As obstacles arose, they made excellent recommendations based on their comprehensive knowledge of the e-forms industry while at the same time keeping the financial budget and deadlines in mind. They worked into the night and weekends to meet the deadlines, completing 100% of our requirements as well as addressing unanticipated requirements. We were so impressed by the quality of the work and ownership of the project that we have used them again and plan to continue our partnership. We would highly recommend them to any FileBound partner that has customer requirements for eforms and mobile data capture and needs to integrate with FileBound content management and workflow.“ Justin Ullman,CEO


“We were able to eliminate several different custom programming software, as well as eliminating 3 different mailing solutions that were integrated with these custom packages to where we could actually integrate our systems down to one processing software, along with one mailing software“ YouTube_icon_block Includes Video Testimonial


“JetForm Central from Adobe is coming to the end of its life, so we needed to find another alternative. It is important that carriers and providers have a billing system that is accurate, dependable and integrated with their entire business process. After researching and evaluating many similar products we found the right mix of features, price and support with JetTrac DocOrigin.“ YouTube_icon_block Includes Video Testimonial


“Thanks, I enjoy working with you! I really don’t know what I would do without you. Have a great weekend!!” Kerstin Thorsen, Business Systems Analyst

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I would like to say a big “Thank you” for helping us to pull off the Cigna 360 fillable form project. There were complexities, challenges, and we all stepped up to make the promised delivery to the client. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s participation, and special kudos to Leslie for putting in double-extra-effort. Happy Holidays to all, and warm regards. Shamel Naguib, Paperless Productivity President

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