We at Expeditors were facing the problem that our former business forms generation solution was no longer going to be supported and had been sunsetted by the manufacturer. We reached out to ProTechnology for advice on finding a replacement. After an extensive evaluation, we concluded that the DocOrigin document generation solution was the best fit for our business needs. With several hundred business forms in our forms library effected by the migration we needed an experienced and competent vendor to deliver and manage the migration process. These business forms are essential in our processes to deliver services to our customers. Working with Pro Technology the forms migration project proceeded smoothly. Through ProTechnology’s leadership, our migration teams worked seamlessly together, keeping the migration project on target, under budget, and with no operational impact.

Eric Kungl, Senior Manager, IS Operational Experience, Strategic Investments Expeditors International

About Expeditors: Expeditors is a Fortune 500 service-based logistics company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA. At Expeditors, we generate highly optimized and customized supply chain solutions for our clients with unified technology systems integrated through a global network of over 350 locations in 100+ countries on six continents.

JetTrac Connect - Testimonial Saving time, data integrity and automated workflow processing is critical to every business. As a reseller, JetTrac enables us to provide our customers with the tools and expertise to help them connect their applications and their data in the ways that only they need it integrated making us an important "business critical resource." Gary M. Conner Conner Business Systems, Inc.

“I approached ProTechnology because we were looking for a more efficient way of collecting data and reporting of our Fire Protection ITM. I explained the requirements that were needed for this project. The ProTechnology team did not only come up with a solution that would meet my requirements, but they exceeded them. They were diligent in making sure the project was exactly what I wanted. I would recommend ProTechnology to anyone looking for a document automation specialist.”

Michael Gallagher, Executive VP at JAM Service Company

Read the full JAM use case here


Harold McMahon Plumbing Solutions

The mobile field sheet application has made it much easier for our men on the job, to record their findings and the materials used, in a timely fashion. They don't have to look for a pen, paper or an inventory book looking for part #s. Everything they need is on the ipad. Most times, their helper can either fill out the work ticket on the ipad as they're readying to leave the job. Or, when the tech is solitary, he can use the microphone feature to input his work ticket.

Along with the picture option, it makes it easier for those of us in the office to order required parts and save important pictures to the job, instead of having to search thru an email and save it to an email folder.

We're also able to send the bills out much faster than before... a large percentage even daily. Paired with the GPS, there's rarely a time the technicians fail to locate a job site.

And, from a billing perspective, its nice not having to be a hieroglyphics expert, trying to decipher each technician's handwriting.

Penny, Harold McMahon Plumbing & Heating

Cobra Mobile Forms PoweredByJetTrac

"I wanted to thank Pro Technology for your amazing JetTrac product.

For years I have worked with other “mobile” solutions only to be hugely disappointed in the results. Some solutions were too cumbersome for the Field Techs to use, so the investments made by our customers didn’t pay off. Other solutions required too much overhead in the office to manage the data “syncing” process between the office and the cloud. Which, also presented HUGE data usage issues for our customers.

When I was fortunate enough to meet Dan through a mutual customer, I presented his team with the Mobile Field Sheet idea. I had had this idea in my head for years with no way of seeing my idea come to life.

I started working with Dan and his incredible team to build Mobile Forms for Field Sheets. My idea was to take what our customers (electrical, plumbing and heating contractors) were doing in the field to service customers and make a Mobile Field Sheet. Our Mobile Field Sheet contains all past work history with the customer and a list of materials parts that are commonly used to service a customer.

The Mobile Field Sheet solution is so simple to learn and Field Techs LOVE it because it takes all of the time and effort out of recording job information. They can speak in their notes and get a Tally List of what they recorded, so they don’t miss anything!

In the office, this solution takes ALL of the work out of recording Job information that our customers report a time savings of over 95% over their old method of manually recording this information. Invoices go out faster, they get paid faster, etc.

I just couldn’t even have imagined how valuable the Mobile Field Sheet would become to our customers.

Because of the success of the Mobile Field Sheet, I began to look at other areas of the contracting business where forms are used. Now, after working with Dan and his team, we have a library of Mobile Forms solutions that are literally transforming the businesses of our customers who use them!

All of this was possible because of the incredible mobile forms solutions we are able to build using Pro Technology’s JetTrac programs.

Thank you for such flexible, reliable solutions you have developed so that I can make my own business goals come to life!"

Sincerely, Cindy A Cameron President and Software Developer

COBRA Contractors Software COBRA Business Operations Software, Inc.


“We partnered with ProTechnology to complete forms development on two projects with very tight deadlines. From day one, they quickly grasped the business requirements and provided a detailed evaluation listing questions and recommendations on each piece of the projects. They did not let any unanswered questions impact the progress of the projects and kept us updated on the status of each open item. As obstacles arose, they made excellent recommendations based on their comprehensive knowledge of the e-forms industry while at the same time keeping the financial budget and deadlines in mind. They worked into the night and weekends to meet the deadlines, completing 100% of our requirements as well as addressing unanticipated requirements.

We were so impressed by the quality of the work and ownership of the project that we have used them again and plan to continue our partnership. We would highly recommend them to any FileBound partner that has customer requirements for eforms and mobile data capture and needs to integrate with FileBound content management and workflow.“

Justin Ullman,CEO


“We were able to eliminate several different custom programming software, as well as eliminating 3 different mailing solutions that were integrated with these custom packages to where we could actually integrate our systems down to one processing software, along with one mailing software“

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“JetForm Central from Adobe is coming to the end of its life, so we needed to find another alternative. It is important that carriers and providers have a billing system that is accurate, dependable and integrated with their entire business process. After researching and evaluating many similar products we found the right mix of features, price and support with JetTrac DocOrigin.“

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“Thanks, I enjoy working with you! I really don’t know what I would do without you. Have a great weekend!!”

Kerstin Thorsen, Business Systems Analyst


PPI Logo

I would like to say a big “Thank you” for helping us to pull off the Cigna 360 fillable form project. There were complexities, challenges, and we all stepped up to make the promised delivery to the client. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s participation, and special kudos to Leslie for putting in double-extra-effort. Happy Holidays to all, and warm regards.

Shamel Naguib, Paperless Productivity President