JetTrac Connect

Universal Connector linking “disconnected” Systems

JetTrac Connect is a powerful server-based SaaS (hosted or on premise) solution that automates processing of data, forms and documents from multiple origins. With over 60 standard modules and capabilities to develop custom modules, it can handle a wide range of workflow and data management scenarios.
Using either “tight” or “loose” integration, JetTrac Connect acts as a translator between disparate systems. This provides a unique opportunity for (a) organizations to cross-leverage, share and manage data between existing systems which are not connected and (b) for VAR’s to offer data processing and integration services to their customers.
Below is a high level architecture diagram of the the JetTrac Connect solution:

Learn more about “loose” or “tight” integration: JetTrac - Loose and Tight Integration overview 
One of JetTrac Connect’s  many options is the ability to use existing PDF forms or documents as a data import vehicle to extract, process and share the data using one or a combination of over 15 PDF-specific modules. PDF forms are device universal and therefore work across all operating systems.    
In addition, it also provides the tools to create HTML-based data capture interfaces (Web Forms) to be displayed on any device using just a browser. These web forms are fully integrated into JetTrac Connect and provide a unique and highly flexible way to collect, manage, report and share data in various environments and business cases.
JetTrac Swiss Army Knife Analogy of Modules
The key components to JetTrac Connect include
JetTrac JobController - the main engine that controls all production job processing and runs as a service in Windows.
JetTrac JobConfig - Graphical interface for creating and modifying production jobs.
JetTrac Dashboard - Graphical interface for real-time viewing of jobs that are being processed in JobController. It also allows users to view and re-process any errors.
JetTrac Modules - over 60 standard modules that perform specific automated tasks and functions. The combination of these modules can create very flexible and powerful solutions for document and data processing. These modules can be viewed as building blocks that can be plugged together in any combination to create the desired result.
JetTrac Custom Modules - custom modules can be developed to perform tasks and functions specific to the business needs. Please download our JetTrac - Create your own Custom Module Doc for more details.
Similar to a Swiss Pocket knife, each JetTrac module has a specific function and can be called in a specific order.

Please see our JetTrac Connect - Summary of Modules

The heart of the system is the JetTrac JobController, an incredibly powerful processing engine with a very open architecture.  It allows our customers, partners and software companies the ability to create production jobs and workflows based on a combination of standard modules. When needed, customers can create their own custom modules to provide specific functionality and integration for a particular environment. 

The JetTrac modules concept can be viewed as a no-code back-end application development environment - no software coding is required to build an integral production workflow.

The ability to develop and create custom modules provides an unparalleled level of flexibility to adapt to various production environments and requirements.  

Examples include:
• “Connect” disparate systems that don’t “talk” to each other. JetTrac Connect can connect and exchange data with these systems using standard or custom modules specific to your installation and acts as a translator and connector between your systems.
• Integrate a workflow or content management system with a production JetTrac process.
• Perform custom integration with a particular database to enable data transfer to and from other data sources.
• Integrate with your accounting system, e.g. when a Work Order is approved you may want to use an SDK or web service to programmatically send relevant invoice data to your system to create an invoice.
• Automate subscription renewals and trigger automated invoicing e.g. out of Quickbooks
Auto-distribution of invoices or other documents to customers, partners or government entities
Create and link Time Reporting for CRM systems

..…As you see, the possibilities are endless…...


JetTrac Connect  includes documentation for the development of custom modules that can run as part of a production job in the JetTrac JobController, providing additional utility and flexibility to support a wide assortment of business processes
Take a look at the list of JetTrac modules and you will start understanding the scope and power of combining these modules into production jobs. What this means practically is that JetTrac Connect can provide interfaces and acts as a “translator” between different and disparate systems.
JetTrac Connect can accept and process data in multiple formats and from many different sources as outlined below:
Data Formats:
• PDF files, in particular fillable PDFs
• Reading from and writing to supported databases, including SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access and any database with an ODBC driver.
• XML files
• ASCII files (Print Image, delimited and fixed record length)
• Other kinds of data could be supported with a custom module
• Data that JetTrac Connect can pull from Google Calendar and Google Sheets
Data Sources and Transport Mechanisms:
• Watched folders (loose integration)
• Email - inbound and outbound through POP3 Scanner
• Sync and share applications like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and other more secure
sync & share apps that comply with HIPAA like MyWorkDrive or Syncplicity.
• Google integration - Google Forms, Google Calendar, Google Sheets and Google Drive.
• Web Services (through custom modules)
• Direct connections to specific systems through custom modules using API/SDK’s. 

What all this means is that JetTrac Connect is able to accept data from one system, run a production job utilizing the JetTrac modules, manage and manipulate data, and connect and deliver data to other systems.

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