JetTrac Data Collection

In addition to all the capabilities described in the JetTrac Connect link below, particular consideration has been given to data capture capabilities:
JetTrac Connect  provides two methods to create data capture interfaces and business forms:
1. JetTrac Smart Forms - Smart PDF
Using JetTrac’s standard PDF modules, data can be merged from various data sources into PDF forms packages and sent to team members to complete the forms on various devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac). These PDF forms can also contain advanced functions such as field validations, calculations and logic that allows filling forms quickly and accurately. JetTrac PDF modules can also extract data from fillable PDF forms, flatten PDF’s, merge data into a batch of PDF forms, add bookmarks, remove overflow pages that do not have data and manipulate pages in a PDF.
2. JetTrac Mobile
This method uses smart web forms to quickly design custom data capture interfaces using a graphical design tool. These JetTrac Mobile interfaces can be customized to support data capture in very innovative ways and work on any mobile or desktop devices. A simple URL is distributed for your recipient and opened in a web browser. Collecting data, online or offline can now begin.    
Are your customers looking for new, simple and efficient ways to capture data?
• Quickly design data capture interfaces (web forms) using a graphical design tool
• Distribute the web form to recipient as URL
• Open in a web browser and start collecting data
• Online and offline
• Easily adapt to various use cases.
Support business cases such as:
• Customer Surveys
• Time Tracking and Reporting
• Job Data collection
Home care information
Business Forms

Create the right data collection services for your client and add workflow and data management to existing systems with no programming. Streamline processes through automated data entry among people.

a. Create an unique input screen to Schedule a Call or Demo
b. Manage Work Orders. Click on any of the work orders to bring up specific job work orders.
c. Collect data from tradeshow attendees
d. Setting up a doctor’s appointment
e. Get all your Job Data (mobile workforce) 

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