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Automation Solution for SubContractors

JetTrac Field Service Automation helps you save time and money by eliminating paperwork
and speeding up data collection and office processing.

What do we offer? 

JetTrac Field Service Automation is a state-of-the-art mobile data capture and office processing solution designed specifically for use by Contractor Companies with Field Technicians who perform field service installations, repairs, sales, inspections and/or testing. It also provides the tools to run an efficient office operation, from job dispatch all the way to invoicing. 
JetTrac Field Service Automation consists of two parts:
JetTrac Field Service replaces paper forms by capturing job data on any mobile device and wirelessly transmitting it back to JetTrac Job Master Pro in the office, cutting your field and administrative costs by up to 85%. 
JetTrac Job Master Pro also provides the tools for Material Management, T&M Jobs, Project Management, Job Costing, Service Management, Price Book Management and much more. 
JetTrac Field Service Automation can transform your field service processes to a 100% electronic workflow process, resulting in significantly reduced cycle times and fewer errors which will improve customer satisfaction and allow you to expedite customer invoicing.
Documents such as work orders, compliance and inspection documentation, job assessments and notes, and installation or safety plans can be instantly sent to Field Technicians. Forms can then be completed faster and with much greater accuracy, ready to take on the next job. No more driving back to the office to finish paperwork. And the office has all job related data that can be processed with just one click and be ready for invoicing.

Give yourself and your team the tools to increase your success!

JetTrac Field Service Automation takes the Pain out of Field Work and relieves the Stress in the Office

De-Stressing the Office

JetTrac Field Service Automation Process Flow

Increase Field Productivity

Improve Data Quality

Reduced Cycle Times

Cost Savings

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Pre-populated forms with customer and job data
  • Field Techs spend less time in office, more time doing jobs
  • No more lost or bad handwritten data
  • Job workorders dispatched to your device
  • No more end-of-day delayed paper submissions
  • Proven ROI
  • Input-Field validation & calculations
  • Input Field-level formatting
  • Data ready to be imported into backend systems
  • No more lost or unreadable scribbles
  • Required fields to ensure completed data collection
  • Add signatures and take pictures on the job
  • No more lost paperwork or bad handwriting
  • Data ready to be processed
  • Instant billing, short order to cash cycle
  • Integrates with QB, Google application suite and other ERP systems
  • Fillable Smart PDF or Smart Phone Forms - Online & Offline
  • One-Click data import into the office system
  • No more paper forms, printing and delivery costs
  • No more paper filing, scanning, mailing or faxing
  • No more lost or searching for paper files
  • No more driving back and forth to the office and cutting back on overtime
  • Custom material list ensures field techs track all materials used.
  • Instant electronic copy of job to your customer
  • Instant electronic signature from your customer
  • Instant verification of job data by customer
  • Compliance and code ready
  • Service History minimizes unsuccessful field service visits, improves issue resolution, builds customer loyalty.
  • Create integrated customer surveys

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