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ProTechnology is a motivated team of talented individuals, dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and helping clients improve the efficiency of their business processes while reducing costs and driving revenue.

Founded in 1996, with its roots in production document generation and electronic forms, ProTechnology became an expert in intelligent fillable PDF forms for mobile data capture as an Adobe National Solutions Partner and developed a range of software specifically for Field Service Automation. ProTechnology is headquartered in Simi Valley, California (Los Angeles area), with offices in Reno/Tahoe, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Ottawa (Canada), with partnerships in Berlin (Germany) and Zurich (Switzerland).

We are specialists delivering print & electronic document solutions, process automation/workflow solutions, data capture/mobility and web output projects. We have successfully implemented these types of solutions for hundreds of companies of all sizes across multiple industries by following a proven process of analyzing an organization's business requirements and then architecting and developing the right solutions for our clients needs.

We value long-term partnerships with customers and vendors, but also friendships among us as a team. We want to earn our customer’s trust through integrity and commitment to their success and welcome them to join our family.

ProTechnology Executive Team


Dan Roth, CEO and Founder

Dan has been in the IT world since college and an MBA at UCLA in IT and marketing.  Dan worked in corporate IT for over 10 years at Hewlett Packard, Transamerica Insurance and Countrywide Mortgage before starting ProTechnology in 1996.  Dan is passionate about automating document and form processes and leads the technical team at ProTechnology.

Full profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/DanRoth911/


John D’Aintree, VP Sales & Marketing

John D’Aintree joined ProTechnology in 2002 to head up Sales & Marketing. Born and educated in South Africa, John started his career in Technology Sales working for NCR. Since then he has lived and worked in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  He has over 30 years Technology Sales & Marketing experience, working for Central Computer Systems (UK), OfficeWeb, Moore Document Solutions (Technology Solutions Division) and Payformance (Secure Document Solutions). John & his team are excited about helping customers move to automated document processes that make them more efficient, reduce costs and drive more revenue. 

Full profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-d-aintree-465b391/


Pietro Parravicini, VP of Business Development

Pietro Parravicini joined ProTechnology in October 2021 with a primary focus on business, organizational and operational development. He brings over 20 years of executive management experience in Sales, Channel and Partnership Development in addition to solid finance and operations management to the team. As a contributor and leader, he worked for start-up’s as well as multi-national organizations across multiple business verticals. 

Full profile at  https://www.linkedin.com/in/pietro-parravicini/