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ProTechnology was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in the Los Angeles area, with offices inReno/Tahoe, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Washington DC and London (UK). ProTechnology is a leading provider of document generation, presentment, data capture (mobility) and archiving technology. We have developed a range of our own software called JetTrac. We are an Adobe National Solutions Partner, a FileBound ECM Solution Partner, a DocOrigin Partner, an EMC Syncplicity Partner, a Mi-Corporation, and a Psigen Partner. With all this technology at our disposal we can architect a 'Best-of-Breed' solution that meets all your business requirements.

ProTechnology is a customer driven organization that specializes in delivering print & electronic document solutions, process automation/workflow solutions, data capture/mobility and web output projects. We have successfully implemented these types of solutions for hundreds of companies of all sizes across multiple industries. We are experts in analyzing an organizations business requirements and then architecting and developing the right custom solutions for our clients needs.

ProTechnology offers products and services that focus on document automation. There are four parts to our document automation strategy:

1. Mobile Data-Capture Solutions

We offer easy-to-use enterprise-class mobile data-capture solutions that support Windows, iOS and Android devices. ProTechnology’s software, called JetTrac Field Service enables knowledge workers in industries such as healthcare, field service, construction, insurance, manufacturing, oil and gas, finance, and government to capture data electronically and integrate collected data into back-office enterprise systems, document management and workflow solutions. JetTrac Field Service supports HTML and/or PDF forms for initiating or participating in business process workflows. JetTrac Field Service can insert pictures and voice as well as text and all are embedded into the documents. JetTrac Field Service supports electronic signatures whether it’s a stylus pen or just simply your finger. JetTrac Field Service is seamlessly integrated with document generation technologies like JetTrac DocOrigin and Adobe Central to create and distribute personalized documents like proposals, letters, and dynamic invoices, statements, and coupons.

2. Document Generation

JetTrac DocOrigin is a family of products for the dynamic generation of customized, compliant or non-compliant business documents and forms. JetTrac DocOrigin can work with data from any ERP, CRM, accounting and other business software systems that can produce XML or ASCII data.  Documents can be dynamically personalized in color or b/w with multiple automated delivery options including print, PDF, email, web delivery and archive.  JetTrac DocOrigin Design is forms design software that allows customers to design their own forms and map their data.  It is an easy-to-use forms design tool that allows customers to maintain and develop their own documents and forms. JetTrac Casino and JetTrac Monroney are two examples of targeted industry specific solutions that solve specific document automation problems for the casino and automotive industries. ProTechnology Office

3. Document/Content Management

ProTechnology has in-depth knowledge and expertise with many document/content management solutions.  We have integrated our document generation and mobile data-capture solutions with FileBound and Adobe LiveCycle and we would certainly entertain integrating our document generation and mobile data-capture solutions with DocuShare or other systems.

4. Workflow Automation

ProTechnology has integrated our Mobile Data-Capture and Document Generation solutions with automated workflow capabilities that are simple to configure and manage, allowing non-technical users to control process rules, decisions, and work assignments. These configurations are systematically applied to all new work as it enters the process. As work is assigned, users are instantly notified with instructions and managers have improved visibility into the quality and quantity of their team's work.  When you automate manual processes, you improve the predictability of results, which allows our customers to improve the way they manage their operations and control costs. Workflow logic is configured to establish process rules, assignments, deadlines, and escalations.  We can transform any workflow application such as accounting, HR, contracting, client files, or medical records into a secure digital document repository can be purchased as cloud-based or on On-Premise licensing.  ProTechnology has partnerships extensive knowledge and experience with both FileBound and Adobe’s LiveCycle Enterprise solutions. ProTechnology, Inc. belongs to the BFMA (Business Forms Management Association).