Mobile Data Capture


We offer easy-to-use enterprise-class mobile data-capture solutions that support Windows, iOS, and Android devices and any web-browser for easy access.

ProTechnology’s software, called JetTrac Field Service enables knowledge workers in industries such as healthcare, field inspection/service, construction, insurance, manufacturing, oil and gas, finance, and government to capture data electronically and integrate collected data into back-office enterprise systems, document management and workflow solutions. JetTrac Field Service supports HTML and/or PDF forms on IOS, Android, Windows and any browser for initiating or participating in business process workflows. JetTrac Field Service can work even when a user is offline and doesn’t have access to the internet.

JetTrac Field Service can insert pictures and voice as well as text and all are embedded into the documents. JetTrac Field Service supports electronic signatures whether it’s a stylus pen or just simply your finger.

We can also include a cloud-based workflow and document storage solution that manages your overall workflow and approval process, stores all of your documents electronically, and has dashboards and reporting that allows you to better manage your business. You can even provide you customers 24 x 7 access to their documents that are stored in the cloud.

JetTrac Field Service can be seamlessly integrated with document generation technologies like JetTrac DocOrigin and Adobe Central to create and distribute personalized documents like proposals, letters, and dynamic invoices, statements, and coupons.