Automation Solution for Field Service for UST/AST

JetTrac Field Service for UST/AST ensures Compliance and Mitigates Risk

Streamlining your process to increase efficiency, reduce processing time and improve accuracy

JetTrac Field Service for UST/AST is a state-of-the-art mobile data capture and compliance testing solution designed specifically for use by UST Service Providers performing compliance testing and inspections for the regulated underground and above ground storage tank (UST/AST) community.
JetTrac Field Service will transform your field and site testing & inspection processes into a 100% electronic workflow and approval process. This results in significantly reduced cycle times and fewer errors which will improve customer satisfaction and mitigates your risk of NOV (Notice of Violation). 
The system includes intelligent and fillable electronic Vapor Recovery and Environmental Compliance forms including the California CARB and CUPA forms and any other custom forms you may need. ProTechnology has designed these compliance forms with embedded calculations, significantly reducing human errors associated with data entry.
The compliance forms and work orders can be easily dispatched electronically to field technicians. The technicians receive the forms on mobile devices and are able to fill out the forms faster and with much greater accuracy, online or offline. Best of all, previous inspection data and site survey /map layout about the inspection site are instantly available in the forms. When finished, the technicians can submit the forms back to the office with a simple click.  

JetTrac Field Service Inspections and Compliance Flow Chart for UST/AST

Forms Dispatch & Form-Filling Features
The Forms Dispatch Application creates an electronic forms package of the required testing & inspection forms for each inspection site.  JetTrac Field Service for UST will pre-populate important data such as customer, facility, test results, site survey /map layout etc. from previous inspections on the forms and automatically send the forms package including work orders to your technicians, making the process of completing the forms faster and with fewer errors.
Includes California CARB & CUPA forms and can add any other custom or mandatory state forms to ensure full compliance.  
Allows the user to select a predefined forms package or create your own custom testing & inspection form package by simply clicking on the required forms in the desired order.
Google Calendar integration - whenever a dispatch is sent the appointment will show up in the technician’s Google Calendar and the master calendar at the office.
Provides the field technician all the pages they need to complete any test/inspection even for really large customer sites.
Automatically validates that the field technician has the proper certification to perform the required test or inspection prior to dispatching.
Mobile device friendly data collection through speech-to-text voice recognition, checkboxes, drop-down lists, mandatory fields, calculations and customized text fields (dates, validation, etc.) to make data collection simple and easy and reduce mistakes.
Easily capture customer’s electronic signatures and photos right into the forms.
Bookmarks and thumbnails allow for quick and easy navigation through the package of forms.
Includes email workflow and approval process for inspections. Once the inspection is approved by a supervisor or manager, a final document package including a cover letter can be automatically created, archived, and can even be automatically sent to the customer and/or the regulating agency.
• Customer specified data from the last inspection can be pre-populated into the forms package to save the technician time.
• Site Maps (aka Site Surveys) can be merged into the form package so the technician has all relevant information needed for the job.
• All jobs dispatched are logged so the office can track which jobs have been dispatched and which ones have not been returned yet.
• Automated notifications can be sent to technicians reminding them to complete and return outstanding dispatched jobs.
• The solution can calculate when the next job should be scheduled and a report can be generated with a list of upcoming inspections.
Final forms package is automatically uploaded to Google Drive for easy review, retrieval and archiving.
Work online or offline in the field.

Jetrac Field Service for UST Dispatching Application Screen



Jetrac UST Dispatching Application Screens

We are happy to announce that ProTechnology has become a member of PEI, Petroleum Equipment Institute. We are excited about this great opportunity and to be part of this community and share our testing & inspection solution for underground/above ground storage tanks, JetTrac Field Service for UST/AST.

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