JetTrac Modules

JetTrac Swiss Army Knife Analogy of Modules

The modular approach to building a set of tasks and processes is one of the key benefits in using JetTrac Connect with over 60 standard modules that perform specific automated tasks and functions. 
The combination of these modules can create very flexible and powerful solutions for document and data processing with unparalleled levels of flexibility to adapt to various production environments and requirements. These modules can be viewed as building blocks that can be plugged together in any combination to create the desired result.
The JetTrac modules concept can be viewed as a no-code back-end application development environment - no software coding is required to build an integral production workflow.

JetTrac Swiss Army Knife Analogy of Modules

The modular approach to building a set of tasks and processes is one of the key benefits in using JetTrac. Currently the list of modules available is 54 and it continues to grow as new business requirements define new types of automation and integration with mobile and cloud services.

We've compiled a list of common user case scenarios or FAQ's and how JetTrac modules can accommodate them. Click on the Category below to see the list of scenarios, then click again to see details about the module and how it runs the automation.

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PDF → Annotations | Bookmarks | XML Data | Highlight | Image Merge | Batch Merge | Combine | Delete | Extract | Print | Trim | XFA

I want to be able to get all the sticky note annotations from a PDF form that multiple people are commenting on as part of a business process
JetTrac AnnotationExtract

Any annotations made in a PDF form can be extracted to a data file containing the date, time, user and annotation text. This file can then be used to update a database, merge the data into another form, use the annotation data as part of logic in a workflow process. This could be a key part of a PDF form Review and Approval process.


I want to create bookmarks for certain parts of my PDF form in order to make it easy for a user to find specific sections of the PDF form
JetTrac Bookmark

Easy navigation through a long PDF form


I want to take XML data from another system with repeating detail lines and merge that data into a PDF form that has unique field names for every field in the form
JetTrac CallForm 

Used for when an XML data file comes from another system with repeated detail fields in a normal XML structure and they want that data to be merged into a PDF Acroform.


I want to visually see the differences in two versions of a PDF form
JetTrac HighlightDiff

Can be used to programmatically identify and highlight the differences between two versions of a PDF or XML


Output with field that is different highlighted in yellow. Note: You may need to toggle ‘Highlight existing fields’ button in acrobat to see

I want to highlight certain fields in a PDF form
JetTrac HighlightFields

Purpose is for a field user to easily find sections of information in a PDF form on a tablet


I want to add images (logo, site diagrams, etc.) to a PDF form
JetTrac ImageMerge

From the server, able to dynamically merge logos and other images into PDF forms very easily.


Inserting a diagram/map into an empty template page

I want to merge data into a whole batch of PDF forms at the same time
JetTrac PDFBatchMerge

Provides the mobile user a single PDF form for fill out which is very time efficient.

I want to combine multiple PDF forms together as part of a production JetTrac job
JetTrac PDFCombine

For documents, e.g. tests/inspections that require multiple forms we combine all PDF forms together into a single bookmarked PDF package. Easier for the mobile user to receive, navigate and fill out the forms as they don’t have to open and close multiple forms.

I want to programmatically remove empty pages from a PDF form package
JetTrac PDFDeleteEmptyPages

This module is the server-side companion to our capability to provide additional overflow pages. JetTrac PDFDeleteEmptyPages will intelligently analyze every field of the overflow pages to determine if there is any data that was added and if none then the page is deleted. The benefit for the supervisor doing the review and approval is that they do not need to even see the overflow pages that were not needed.

I want to extract all the data out of a PDF form and/or I want to flatten a PDF (Acroform)
JetTrac PDFExtract

Extracts every single field and annotation from every PDF form. Can be used to populate other PDF forms, populating metadata in document management systems, writing all or selected data to a SQL database for reporting purposes, automatically pulling the data from the last periods test/inspection for pre-populating into the current test/inspection without needing a database

I want to merge data into a single PDF form
JetTrac PDFMerge

Easily pre-fill form fields to send out to mobile users

I want to delete specific pages (including page ranges) from a PDF form
JetTrac PDFPageDelete

This module would be used when you want to be able to control deleting certain pages from a PDF form

I want to extract specific pages (including page ranges) from a PDF form
JetTrac PDFPageExtract

This module would be used when you want to be able to control extracting certain pages from a PDF form

I want to print a PDF to a network printer as part of a production JetTrac job
JetTrac PDFPrint

Allows documents to be printed as part of a production JetTrac Field Service job

I want to be able to calculate how many overflow pages are applicable for the specific Facility that I will be inspecting then remove any unneeded overflow pages before the PDF form package is sent to the technician
JetTrac TrimOverflow

The field technicians only receive the number of pages that are neededbased on that facility/dispatch. This makes the dispatched form package smaller in size and a fewer number of pages for the mobile user to scroll through

I want to merge XML data into an XFA PDF form
JetTrac XFAMerge

Meets requirements for populating dynamic forms that flow across pages. Can be used for reporting purposes for dynamic data stored in a database. Note: all fillable PDF forms in JetTrac Field Inspection for UST are AcroForms. Contact ProTechnology for further information.

DATA Processing | Database Export | Extract | Update Database | Lookup | Schedule | Tracking | CSV Conversion | Compare | Normalize | Formatting | Integrate

I want to be able to fix some data coming out of a customer system without the customer having to change their program
JetTrac DataPrep

Allows easy correction and manipulation of customer data without customer having to make modifications to their system

I want to process ASCII data in CSV, Fixed Record Length or Print Image format through a JetTrac process
JetTrac DataTrans

If customer supplies data that is not in XML format from their host system then this module will automatically convert that data into standard XML

I want to pull some data from a database and create an XML file that will be processed through JetTrac
JetTrac DB2XML

Automatically gets data from a database to use anywhere in the JetTrac Field Service system as needed

I want to pull some data from a database and create an XML file that will be processed through JetTrac
JetTrac DBExtract

Automatically gets data from a database to use anywhere in the JetTrac Field Service system as needed

I want to be able to take whole sections of a PDF form (with data extracted to XML) and populate multiple rows into a database table
JetTrac DBLogicUpdate

For more sophisticated reporting requirements for repeating data elements within a PDF form.

I want to be able to look up some data in my own database based on a key value like a customer number and retieve some other data that would go into PDF forms and/or use it to determine how documents should be distributed via email, print, fax, etc.
JetTrac DBLookup

Able to retrieve additional data from a customer database based on a key value from a PDF form.

I want to be able to pull data from my database or ERP system on a periodic basis without having to make major changes to my systems.
JetTrac DBScanner

Seamless integration between customer Dispatch system and JetTrac Field Service to kick off jobs with no user interaction required.

I want to be able to take some data from a PDF form and update my database
JetTrac DBUpdate

Easily capture the data from a PDF form into a database for reporting or other requirements.

I want to be able to track in a log every dispatch that is done from JetTrac
JetTrac DispatchLog

Allows end users to view real-time data in a spreadsheet format of all jobs dispatched to the field.

I want to see every day a list of all dispatches (e.g. Work Orders) that have been dispatched to a field technician but not yet returned from the field to JetTrac
JetTrac DispatchLogNotReturned

Allows end users to monitor which jobs have been submitted to a mobile user but not yet returned to the JetTrac Field Service server

I want to extract data from an XML file and create a new CSV file that I can pass to another system for processing

Used to provide “loose” integration with other systems that can ingest a CSV containing metadata and optionally a fully qualified PDF filename of the document just created in the JetTrac job

I want to be able to compare two PDF forms or two XML's to see what the differences are in the fields and data
JetTrac XMLDiff

Used to compare data between two PDF’s, e.g. the differences between a PDF form that was sent out to a user and after it came back

I want to be able to convert XML data from a PDF form that contains unique field names ending in _1, _2, etc. to normalized XML so the data can be fed to another system that requires normalized XML
JetTrac XMLNormalize

Translates data that comes from other systems to the field names in the PDF forms so the data can be pre-populated. Conversely, after the forms are filled out if the data needs to go back to some other system in a specific XML format then this module will do the normalization and translation.

I want to manipulate my XML data to provide concatenations, arithmetic functions, date formatting, etc.
JetTrac XMLTrans

Can create new fields that concatenate multiple fields in the XML, do calculations, date formatting, etc.

I want to have QuickBooks invoices automatically be created based on data in a PDF form (or XML data)
JetTrac QuickBooksConnect

Can save a huge amount of time by automating the creation of QuickBooks invoices rather than manually creating invoices

GOOGLE Integration | Drive | Sheets | Calendar

I want to be able to clear the data from a Google Sheet at a certain part of my business process
JetTrac ClearGoogleSheets

Commonly used when data is written to a Google Sheet for a period of time, e.g. timesheet data then when all that data is extracted then you want to clear all the data from that Google Sheet

I want to be able to pull all the data from a Google Sheet and create a CSV file for another system (like a payroll system, ERP, accounting system, etc.) to process
JetTrac PullFromGoogleSheets

Production process to pull data from Google Sheets and update other systems.

I want to automatically create Google Calendar entries in any users calendar that I have access to
JetTrac PushToGoogleCalendar

Can automatically add Google Calendar events when scheduling or rescheduling appointments.

I want to programmatically upload documents to Google Drive and have the folder structure automtically created from the filename
JetTrac PushToGoogleDrive

Allows any kind of documents to be viewed by field personnel in a browser or Google drive app on smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC/Mac

I want to be able to push data to a Google Sheet as part of a JetTrac process
JetTrac PushToGoogleSheets

Easily captures data submitted from PDF forms to Google Sheets that can be reviewed and approved before data is submitted to other systems

EMAIL Management | Attachents | POP3 | FTP | Tracking

I want to be able to send an email from a JetTrac job and control every aspect of the distribution, subject, body and attachments
JetTrac Email

Automatically sends emails at any point in a business process that includes PDF attachment, professional cover letter and customized email text. Can either attach the PDF or send a link.

I want to be able to FTP a file from the JetTrac server to somewhere else
JetTrac FTP

Automate movement of files between computers. One specific example is when JetTrac Field Service is running in the cloud and QuickBooks is on-premise, when a Work Order is approved then the data from that Work Order can be sent to the customer computer for import directly into QuickBooks – completely automatic and unattended

I want to be able to pick up emails sent from the field to JetTrac, extract the attachments (normally PDF or XML) and have JetTrac process those attachments
JetTrac POP3Scanner

Automates the collection of PDF forms from mobile devices via email for server based processing in JetTrac Field Service.

I want to know if there is an error when picking up an email using JetTrac POP3Scanner
JetTrac POP3Error

Used for proactive error notifcation if JetTrac POP3Scanner encounters an error when picking up and email

SYSTEM Folder Management | Conditional Formatting | Copy | Error Management | License Check | Log | Job Management | Transaction Summary | Schedule Control

I want to change some data in my incoming data file only if a certain string of data is found
JetTrac ConditionalDataPrep

Used when you only want to change some data in a file conditionally if a certain string is found

I want to be able to copy a file to another location/filename as part of a production JetTrac job
JetTrac FileCopy

Used in production jobs to control copying files to different locations with specified filenames.

I want JetTrac to store documents in a network folder structure based on fields in my data and if a folder doesn't exist I want JetTrac to create it on the fly
JetTrac FolderCreate

Used when folders on the Windows server need to be created dynamically and on-the-fly based on data in PDF forms or from other systems.

I want to know if a job in JetTrac has a problem
JetTrac JBCError

Proactive notification to an administrator if there is a problem in JetTrac processing

I want to to easily create and modify jobs in the JetTrac JobController Job Management Database
JetTrac JobConfig

Flexibility for ProTechnology, Partner or Customer to customize production job processing with minimal training.

I want to have a system to process all JetTrac jobs
JetTrac JobController

Provides server-side automation of all processing of data, forms and jobs for each part of a JetTrac Field Service solution.

I want to know if a customers license is going to expire soon if they are on a JetTrac subscription
JetTrac LicenseCheck

For those customers that are on a subscription license it allows a proactive notification of when their license expires.

I want to add some additional information to the JetTrac JobController log file
JetTrac JBCLog

Able to customize the JobController log file

I want to be able to control what information I see in my JetTrac Dashboard
JetTrac Log

Used to customize what information that you want to see in the JetTrac Dashboard

I want to be able to archive on a regular basis the JobController log file
JetTrac LogArchive

Keeps system log files organized and backed up on a scheduled basis.

I want JetTrac to know what job to run when I send JetTrac a PDF form for processing
JetTrac PDFJob

Used by JetTrac to know what job to run when JetTrac gets a PDF form to process

I want to be able to grab some fields from my XML data and use that data in my JetTrac job to name PDF and XML files
JetTrac SetVariables

Runs in production jobs on the server.

I want to see a summary of all the JetTrac transactions that have been processed
JetTrac TransactionSummary

The job summary can be used by management to view a summary of all transactions processed through JetTrac Field Service

I want a particular step in a JetTrac job to wait for a specific amount of time (like one second) before continuing on to the next step of the job
JetTrac Wait

This module would be used to pause a specified number of seconds after one job step is done before the next one starts. This would only be used if there is a job step that is still doing something even though JobController thought that job step was finished.