JetTrac Modules

JetTrac Swiss Army Knife Analogy of Modules

The modular approach to building a set of tasks and processes is one of the key benefits in using JetTrac. Currently the list of modules available is 54 and it continues to grow as new business requirements define new types of automation and integration with mobile and cloud services.

We've compiled a list of common user case scenarios or FAQ's and how JetTrac modules can accommodate them. Click on the Category below to see the list of scenarios, then click again to see details about the module and how it runs the automation.

PDF → Annotations | Bookmarks | XML Data | Highlight | Image Merge | Batch Merge | Combine | Delete | Extract | Print | Trim | XFA

DATA Processing | Database Export | Extract | Update Database | Lookup | Schedule | Tracking | CSV Conversion | Compare | Normalize | Formatting | Integrate

GOOGLE Integration | Drive | Sheets | Calendar

EMAIL Management | Attachents | POP3 | FTP | Tracking

SYSTEM Folder Management | Conditional Formatting | Copy | Error Management | License Check | Log | Job Management | Transaction Summary | Schedule Control