JetTrac Site Code Generator

Please follow to directions below to create a SiteCode file:

1. Make sure that the Java Runtime Environment is installed on the server where your Central is running. If you do not already have Java installed, download and install Java for Windows . Note: If you have VTE installed on the machine, then Java is already installed. If you need Java for other platforms, go to or call Pro Technology for instructions.


2. To generate a site code for a Windows platform, download and run the JetTrac Site Code Generator by clicking on this link. If your security settings do not allow .exe extensions please download the zip file and run after extracting. Your site code should pop up on the screen in Notepad or another text editor.


3. For more information, read What you need to know about Java and JetTrac Licensing for further info on how our license manager works.


Note: You can request ONLY one evaluation license per product for each Site Code.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us for assistance.