AncoraDataCapture-CircleData Capture is an critical need for organizations today. This essential technology provides structure to the variety of unmanaged information needed to make processes more efficient and people more productive. At Ancora Software, we offer several data capture platforms that are tailored to provide a complete foundation for collecting and retrieving all types of enterprise content. These platforms will automate and accelerate your business processes by capturing all types of documents, both paper and electronic, and transform them into accurate and actionable information. From there, we can deliver it directly into your core business applications, process and workflow system, or Enterprise Content and Document Management solution.

The amount and complexity of unstructured data is growing exponentially, even as technologies like ECM, CRM, and ERP systems are launched. Paper documents, email, electronic files, multimedia and hundreds of other formats, in addition to scanned documents, are floating around organizations with no ease of accessibility or search-ability.

Ancora Software offers data capture products that remove these information obstacles and help customers operate at peak performance. This allows users across an organization to capture the key information necessary to store and index content that is vital to their daily business processes. Users can capture information from virtually any source: scanner, multi-function printer, print stream, email, fax, web service or folder – wherever documents are received, regardless of the location, source, language or type.

Other benefits to our data capture solutions:

  • Make it accessible immediately to users; via integration with your line-of-business applications or Electronic Content Management system
  • Automatically attach perfect metadata for fast, accurate content retrieval
  • Link information automatically to related business applications and transactions
  • Apply bar codes, patch codes and OCR/ICR for sophisticated processing
  • Automatically monitor and import email, files on the network and faxes
  • Capture all types of content easily from virtually any source enterprise-wide

Electronic Forms (e-forms) technology is also providing organizations with a fantastic conduit for online entry and collection of data. These forms are accessible from web pages, mobile devices, portals and more. These customizable forms allow you to gather the pertinent data you need, so anyone — employees, customers, even non-system users — can complete and submit information easily. Ancora Software can help you make the shift from paper forms to e-forms.

  • Capture data faster and more accurately
  • Use the submitted data to automate business processes and update business systems seamlessly
  • Eliminate costly mistakes and rework, saving valuable time and resources