Automated Forms Conversion

Over the past decade, many companies may have undergone a complete overhaul of their document output solution either because their current software no longer meets their needs or has been sunset. As a result, those companies often require conversion of their existing forms. In   addition, document  design requirements may become complex as they move to dynamic  structures, requiring scripting and advanced features that go beyond  simple design layout, causing IT and form department to be  stretched beyond their capacity and are unable to meet their deadlines.

ProTechnology has in-depth experience working with hundreds of  clients on designing new forms as well as converting large volumes of  forms in many formats within a short deadline.  ProTechnology has a  dedicated team that has the  knowledge and experience as  well as conversion tools that  cut development time significantly to meet any company’s conversion   requirements.

Conversion Offerings

JetTrac DocOrigin from Adobe Central, Word or PDFForm Conversion Technology

JetTrac DocOrigin has become the defacto replacement for the sunsetted Adobe/JetForm Central Pro solution. ProTechnology had hundreds of clients running Adobe JetForm Central and has helped many of them migrate to the JetTrac DocOrigin solution. We have developed specialized software that automates the conversion process, improves quality assurance testing and makes the compliance and production processes quicker and more accurate. This minimizes costs, downtime and conversion risks. Large batches of forms  can be converted at one time in seconds and clean-up can be automated to eliminate tasks that are redundant, complex and easily  overlooked.

PDF Fillable Forms

Over the last 10 years, ProTechnology has developed a tremendous expertise in   PDF fillable forms,  both AcroForms and XFA. We have developed a server-based solution called   JetTrac Field Service  that automates the:
  • pre-population of PDF forms with existing data
  • packages those forms into a single bookmarked PDF
  • distributes those forms to the people that need to fill them out
  • receives the completed forms back to the JetTrac server
  • performs very sophisticated process to extract the data and update databases & other systems
  • flattens the form for archiving & distribution
  • can be customized to meet any other requirements for back-end processing
The core part of JetTrac Field Service solution is the PDF fillable forms   themselves. ProTechnology  can take Word documents, flattened PDF’s, spreadsheets and other formats and convert them into  intelligent fillable PDF forms. Using JavaScript we can add intelligence into   the form to make it easier  to complete and reduce errors. PDF forms also allow the solution to work offline (no internet  connection).

Form conversions to Adobe/JetForm Central (IFD and MDF)

As an Adobe National Solutions Partner, ProTechnology has specialized in development and implementation of the Adobe/JetForm Central Pro Output Server solution. We have   tremendous experience  designing new forms in Adobe Output Designer and converting forms from other   formats including  Word or PDF into Adobe/JetForm Central source form template, using very  sophisticated tools and procedures that automates the conversion process. As a result, only   minor cleanup and testing  is required for static forms. For dynamic forms, our professional staff can   enhance your form design  using boiler plate pages, subforms and preambles.


Form Design and Modification Services

ProTechnology has many clients that do not have the software, time or  expertise to design new forms or make form modifications in Adobe Output Designer, DocOrigin Design or PDF form design tools. We can  do this design work either on an hourly basis or a fixed cost basis.  Contact us for details.

ProTechnology Forms Conversion Engagement Process

A common question that ProTechnology gets is how much is it going to  cost and how long is it going to take for a forms conversion process. This will depend on a number of factors such as the:
  • Number of forms and pages that need to be converted 
  • Format of the source files that need to be converted, e.g. Word  or PDF 
  • Target format the forms need to be converted to e.g. Adobe Central IFD, DocOrigin XATW or fillable PDF forms 
  • Quality and design layout of the source documents 
  • Level of perfection that has to be achieved on the converted  forms, e.g. very similar or ‘light box’ perfect 
  • Complexity of the forms themselves 


Meet deadlines and gain a faster return on technology investments

Manage the surge of demand on man-hours, thus reducing employment costs

Gain piece of mind knowing forms conversion is being handled by ProTechnology’s experienced, expert team

ProTechnology will have initial discussions with you on the items above  and collect a small sample of single-page forms to test conversion  results. Next, we will review any discoveries made from the initial test  and propose a plan for a paid Proof of Concept (POC) of a batch of  forms (anywhere from 5-50 forms depending on a number of factors)  and we will execute the conversion process to meet the required  specifications. We carefully track of our development time so at the end  of the POC, we will be able to provide a much more definitive answer on  the cost and time frame.