Chat-BubblesProTechnology is continually looking to improve its courses and it’s teaching methods. Students in our courses are invited at the completion of a course, to provide an evaluation. A collection of these evaluations is listed here.


Cheryl Gilbert, Systems Engineer, Adobe Corporation

The ProTechnology Central class is exceptional. The class covers everything you will need to know to begin creating Central applications. ProTechnology uses real-world examples of how to use Central – not just theory.

The trainers are Central experts. They have many, many years of experience developing Central projects. Central is their life. They are very passionate about Central and are so enthusiastic about showing others what can be done with Central.

Do you want to REALLY learn Central? Take this class!!!

Ken Simpson , ACI

“The Hands-on labs were well structured. Each lab addressed the topic we had just discussed. There were several “Ah Ha!” moments when the light came on and I really felt like I got it!”

Nelles, County of Ventura

“The course materials are well designed and worn with experience – excellent! I enjoyed the
overview of Adobe Output Designer, VTE, and Adobe Cent3ral and how the instructors insisted
on making the fl owcharts understandable. The CD each student received with begining and
complete exercies is one of the few text book supplements I’ve ever found useful in my life.”

Bruce Callen, Imation

Myself and another developer took Central training from ProTechnology this past June. The training was excellent. Along with the training, we took advantage of the Software Development Lab associated with it. In this lab, we were able to create an effective prototype invoice template that we have used in implementing our print and archive invoice solution in five European countries and in the US. We are now processing about 2000 invoices per day off of variations of this original prototype template.

Chapman, American General Business Systems

I learned so much during the three days. The learning was enhanced by the atmosphere provided by the staff. Their openness and willingness to explain concepts and share knowledge made all the difference for me.

Jeff Johnson, Automated Packaging

Thanks for the class. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs training in Adobe Central Output Server. I especially liked the three different ways to accomplish a task!

Rick Bantleman, Adobe Corporation

…JMD session was great! Material and exercises flowed perfectly. Outstanding. Class taught by real developers, not just trainers.

Lisa Adair, OneSystem Group

Enough people to get a mix of different environments and to see how Adobe Central Output Server is being used in other businesses. Not too many where you lose the extra attention that is needed if you get stuck or fall behind on exercises.

I like hands on training and the step by step layout you provide on how to complete the exercise was good. I also liked seeing things go wrong then learning why and what you need to do to fix it. Being able to capture them for reference later from my own work place has also been beneficial.

The entire staff was friendly and very knowledgeable.

I learned a lot in 3 days! I knew absolutely nothing about Adobe Central Output Server and hadn’t even opened the software. I’m anxious to start my first Adobe Central Output Server project and feel confident that ProTechnology has provided me with the tools and knowledge to get it done.


Juan José Otero, Compañía Financiera Argentina, Argentina

We are very pleased with your work on our on-site training course. It was excellent.

For us, the course highlights were: clarity, dynamism, preparation of the training materials, the search of solutions to our problems, and the exercises.

Commander Jovanna Henry, U.S. Navy

I appreciate all the time you have taken in the beginning to help us understand the capabilities of Adobe Central Output Server Central and how it could work for us. It was very comforting working with all of you and I was very impressed with your extensive knowledge and special techniques to get the job done. There was certainly a lot to learn and I appreciate your patience and support. I am very anxious to get things rolling here and feel that you have provided great support to get us up and going. I look forward to experimenting and developing some great forms for our project and feel great knowing that your company is there to support us if we need it. My head is full of Adobe Central Output Server information and I hope that I will be able to use it with great success.

Lindsey, SAP ABAP Team Leader, EDS

“Pro Technology staff demonstrated an enthusiasm for the Adobe Central products, a desire to
have students understand the diverse capabilities of the products and a in-depth understanding of
how to make Output Designer, Print Agent, and Central work in many environments. I strongly
recommend that any organization using or purchasing Adobe Central Pro products invest in this
training provided by Pro Technology for their staff who will be charged with forms design and

Green, NETS ERP Technical Team

Learning how to use new software can often be complex. ProTechnology taught me how to design forms using Adobe Central Output Server Design and how to administer Adobe Central Output Server Central. They showed me how easy developing forms can be. Thanks to them I was able to immediately get started. Their training has been a tremendous help in our development, testing, and production.