Document Capture Technology


PSI:Capture provides the utmost in processing flexibility for document scanning and imaging workflow.  Whether you are scanning to Microsoft SharePoint, or harvesting data from a form, our extensive set of features can provide you with a powerful capture tool. PSI:Capture has 2 classes of workflow module; Core Capture Modules and Specialized Workflow Modules, which are optional.

The PSI:Capture base product includes 8 modules that allow for standard document scanning, imaging and capture workflow.  These workflows can be built in any order, depending on the types of documents scanned and the required end result.

The capture module allows anyone to scan, arrange, and store any type of document with speed and ease. By connecting scanning devices to scan stations and a logical file system, captured images are converted and neatly systemized directly into the user-friendly interface. Document separator sheets can be designed to tell PSI:Capture when to split the document, decreasing the time and energy required to scan large volumes. Not only is the batch automatically organized, but high accuracy is also achieved. In addition, image enhancement, auto crop, boarder elimination, and black hole punch removal are just a few of the image cleanup features that can be automatically performed. Digital files can just as easily be imported and saved into file folders, and PSI:Capture will automatically assign an index field based on the folder name. Capture module highlights:

  • Increases employee imaging productivity by reducing time spent on scanning
  • Barcode and Patch code separator sheets allow PSI:Capture to automatically separate, file, and name documents.
  • Image processing improves inadequate and poor quality pages
  • Can capture images from ISIS/VRS scanners and folders.


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