JetTrac DocOrigin Customer Communication Center

Now Non IT Departments Can Transform Transactional Documents into Marketing & Messaging Vehicles

Customer Communication Center (“CCC”) is a robust software solution allows Marketing, HR and Legal departments to create campaigns, messaging, and manage legal T&C’s without engaging IT for ongoing projects. CCC is fueled by the data generated by any business software and works with legacy ERP, EMR, CRM systems and current business software.

Putting Your Ads Where Customers Can See Them – In Transactional Documents

Experts tell us that we’re hit with more than 5,000 marketing messages each and every day.  Fortunately, transactional documents are frequently used and reviewed by customers every day.  One recent study by research firm InfoTrends found that transactional documents are opened and read by 90% of recipients.

When using personalization and relevant targeted messaging: The statistics are indisputable, transactional documents should be a primary focus for companies to provide marketing ads and custom messaging.  Transactional documents are reviewed by customers because they represent a current transaction which the reader has a vested interest in the content.

Marketing teams are constantly evolving their promotional campaigns based on industry trends, seasons, new product announcements, upcoming events and more.  Impersonal, mass‑produced form letters and bulk-delivered transactional documents no longer meet customer expectations.  Today, competitive enterprises must deliver relevant, engaging correspondence – keeping one eye on costs and the other on revenue opportunities.   CCC reduces costs, provides rapid campaign creation, assembly and delivery of high-impact documents is easier, more secure, and improves customer communications management using the document and forms already produced by business software.

CCC is not just for marketing teams, other departments such as Human Resources; need a method for communicating with employees.  Legal teams need an easy way to keep T&C’s and product safety messaging current in existing and new forms and documents.

Simple User-Interface for Non IT Users

CCC powered by DocOrigin, allows companies to easily provide relevant data‑driven communications to customers, employees, partners, and vendors quickly and easily without scripting or programing and eliminates the burden on IT.  Specifically targeted ads can be placed in documents and forms based on their customer’s buying history, industry, region, and more without any changes to existing business software.

Controlled Access to Dynamic White Space Management (DWSM)

CCC provides controlled access to protect the integrity of the document or form template.  Developers simply define fields as “hot spots” for inserting images and rich text messaging.  It’s difficult to describe the power of CCC without seeing it in action, please watch this 7-minute video.  See the power and ease of use that empowers companies to deliver rich and relevant information in the documents and forms they generate every day.

Now IT can hand off production ready forms and documents to business units so they can control the campaigns and regulatory messaging needed within any customer communications.  Non IT departments can test and preview their work in seconds and schedule the effective dates for the messaging and or advertising.  With CCC powered by DocOrigin, documents and forms come to life, wasted white space becomes valuable real estate and any product or service being sold can trigger ads or messaging without making any changes to your business software or database.  No other product gives you more control of your transactional documents and forms!