Document Automation Solutions

Facing smaller budgets, increased student safety precautions, and a more watchful public eye, Educational institutions are finding it harder to keep up with the demand for additional checks and balances. Workflow and approval processes based entirely on paper forms moving through the organization are slow, tedious, and difficult to track.

Adding to the problem is that most workflow automation systems have a steep learning curve that alienates knowledge-workers and requires additional technical resources. One answer to the problem is an eForm management system that combines data-driven and document-driven process into a simple, yet powerful, browser-based tool.



Besides the general business applications, here are just a few example solutions developed by end-users:

Automate your Student admissions process New Hire On-boarding
Continuing Education Reporting Purchase Requests
Disciplinary Action Report Website eForms (Student Record Request)
Incident Reports Time-Off Requests
IT Service Request Time Sheets
Job Application Processing & Approval Volunteer Sign Up
Maintenance Request Background Checks