Financial Services


Financial Services companies are paper intensive organizations that require fail-safe documentation to protect their business and comply with myriad of regulatory controls.  From loan applications to mortgage agreements, capturing and processing financial information is a time-consuming process for both companies and customers.  More than ever in today's highly competitive market, Financial Services companies are turning to solutions that accelerate these processes, reduce costs, and increase their level of services to customers.

The following integrated suite of business process automation solutions directly addresses many of the inefficiencies that hamper financial sector organizations today:

• Automated Data Entry (paper, fax, email) • High Speed Document Capture (policies, correspondence)
• Transactional Document Capture (multifunction device, desktop scanner) • Document Classification (mail room)
• Document Assembly (document packages) • Data Extraction (semi-structured documents)
• eForm Management System (data-driven workflow) • Digital Ink eForms (contract signing)

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