Hospitality & Gaming

Hospitality & GamingJetTrac Casino is an enterprise document generation solution that focuses on the real-time printing and archiving of 26 electronic forms. The solution includes customizable templates for all 26 compliance and non-compliance forms. The forms include federal and state compliance forms like the W2-G, 1042-S, markers, and registration cards and non-compliance forms like folios, comps, and dynamic coupons that can be personalized, printed and handed to the customer when they check into the Casino hotel for their stay.

JetTrac Casino automatically prints the documents real-time on the correct printer and simultaneously creates a pdf of the document, indexes the document, and sends it to a documents/content management solution for immediate archival and future retrieval or customer presentment.

JetTrac Casino can be combined with JetTrac Field Service to support mobile data-capture signature pads, iOS, and Android devices for customer registration at the front desk or by their concierge’s curbside. For example, a concierge can personally greet a VIP customer curbside and check them into the hotel with a mobile device, bypassing the wait in line to check into the front desk.