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The JetTrac DocOrigin Process

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JetTrac DocOrigin is the solution for generating professional, dynamic, high-fidelity business documents. Whether you need to produce large volumes of invoices or statements, or a single customer letter, DocOrigin can handle your requirements quickly, easily, and affordably. You can leverage the data stored in legacy, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other line‐of‐business applications to provide customers, suppliers and employees with documents that contain the right information, in the preferred output formats, delivered to the desired devices.
With JetTrac DocOrigin you can create documents and forms with:
  • Multiple pages
  • Multiple output destinations
  • Full printer control of copies, orientation, fonts, and so on
  • One or more output formats: printed documents, PDF documents, HTML documents and customer-fillable forms and documents.
  • Arbitrary structural complexity
  • JetTrac DocOrigin Uses Industry Standard XML Data Streams

At its core, JetTrac DocOrigin is XML-based, both in the document templates (forms) and the data that it processes. To accommodate existing applications that do not create XML data streams, JetTrac DocOrigin provides a a variety of pre-processing "Filter" extensions that convert data streams in fixed record formats, delimited data files, and overlay print reports/files.

Rapid Migration from JetForm/Adobe Central

JetTrac DocOrigin has been created by the same people who originally created the JetForm/Adobe Central products. We've created a  highly streamlined set of tools and procedures to migrate your JetForm/Adobe Central .IFD forms quickly and accurately to JetTrac DocOrigin. We have also developed effective implementation techniques that allow you to incrementally convert your systems - minimizing downtime and conversion risks. See our Migration page for more details.

High Performance Output Generation

Fast, flexible, and functional. JetTrac DocOrigin includes custom drivers to produce PCL, Postscript, PDF and HTML at optimal speed and efficiency, with generated output rates of up to 15,000 pages per minute. These drivers provide a range of customization and performance-related settings that enable you to generate the output you want.

PDF Generation

JetTrac DocOrigin features its own purpose-built PDF driver that creates PDF at optimal speed and efficiency. This driver includes support for embedded fonts and font subsets, bookmarks, encryption, and password protection.

Generic Windows Output

For Windows-based applications, JetTrac DocOrigin can connect to any standard Windows printer, providing the flexibility to interface with all the various printers supported by Windows.

Dynamic Tables

Create dynamic, expandable tables that adapt to the quantity of data provided. JetTrac DocOrigin handles page overflows with repeating headers and footers, as required. All are handled directly within the Design program without need for scripting.

Integrated JavaScript

A comprehensive JavaScript engine is embedded into many of the JetTrac DocOrigin components to provide maximum control over the processing of data. When standard data handling is not sufficient, you can add script to get the right result. A large set of additional script functions and features enable access to all aspects of the document, the data, and the processing of that data. JetTrac DocOrigin includes built-in script file system access, external program execution, and external web services. JetTrac DocOrigin scripting is built on an industry-standard script engine that has been optimized for maximum performance.


JetTrac DocOrigin Merge can create Barcharts, Pie Charts, and Line Graphs dynamically from your customer data - including 3-D bar charts.

Unicode Text Handling

JetTrac DocOrigin supports full unicode text handling throughout to ensure compliant text processing in many languages, such as Chinese, Thai, and other Asian fonts.

Easy Integration into Existing Applications

The DocOrigin Merge component can be easily integrated with, or called from, an existing application. All required information is passed as simple command-line parameters with indirect file capability built-in.


Download our  JetTrac DocOrigin Brochure for further details.