JetTrac JBCError


With the complexities of job management and troubleshooting in JobController it was necessary to have a module to incrementally point to or refer to errors in the job. Proactive notification to an administrator if there is a problem in JetTrac processing.

Technical Support:

If you need assistance in installing and configuring JetTrac JBCError™, call Pro Technology Automation, Inc. at 805-527-1248 or email us at Please note that the JetTrac JBCError™ license fee does not cover configuration services and technical support so there may be an additional charge. Please ensure you read these instructions carefully before calling for technical support.

How to run JetTrac JBCError:

This built-in function can only be run through a job in JetTrac JobController.

Default Functionality:

Automatically called by JetTrac if a job fails.

Job Step Configuration Window in JobConfig for JetTrac JBCError:

When setting up a job step using JTJBCError in JobConfig the only line of the config you need to worry about is the first, the Config file. This field should be filled with the fully qualified path to the Config file. Eg: C:\JetTrac\…\config.ini
In JobConfig, file paths entered should not be in quotes.

As with all modules, there is a dropdown to select whether or not the job should stop completely if this step fails. If you select Yes, any error will terminate the job process and write to the log file what happened, if no, then the job will try to continue anyways. However if any steps further down the line rely on the output of a job set to not stop on error, they may not work properly.

For more specifics go to the JetTrac Field ServiceJobConfig page.

JetTrac JBCError Command Line:

Within JobController job:

C:\JetTrac\Programs\JTJBCError\JBCError.exe “””@MDFName.”” “”@LogFile.””” “Runs JBCError”

Essentially it’s just one reference to the file being deleted in the variable @MDFName.
The command line begins with the file path to the module’s executable file followed by the file path to the file being deleted and then the path to the log file. The command line then ends with a short description of what the module does.

Additional Notes:

JBCError will take a snippet of the JobController.log file and makes it available to attach to an email. In addition it can also make a number of error related variables available through SetVariables and used for other modules like Email. In the email notification to a technician they can see where the error occurred in the job, the date/time, and references to the directory of the error log file.