JetTrac PullFromGoogleCalendar


Takes data from Google Calendar to update another system

Technical Support:

If you need assistance in installing and configuring JetTrac PullFromGoogleCalendar™, call Pro Technology Automation, Inc. at 805-527-1248 or email us at Please note that the JetTrac PullFromGoogleCalendar™ license fee does not cover configuration services and technical support so there may be an additional charge. Please ensure you read these instructions carefully before calling for technical support.

How to Run:

To run this module you need these files in the same folder:

  • JTPullFromGoogleCalendar.exe
  • JTPullFromGoogleCalendar_Config.ini
  • Exithandler.dll

Executable files and dll files should not be edited for any reason.

All google modules need to be authorized to be allowed to run. To do this, make sure you are logged into the proper google account you want JetTrac to access, then run the Google Modules Authorization .bat file. It will ask you to log in and allow access to JetTrac to use the account. This only needs to be done once as the file will authorize all google modules.

Default Functionality:

Pulls specified events from Google Calendar to XML

JetTrac PullFromGoogleCalendar Command Line:

“C:\JTPullFromGoogleCalendar.exe” “C:\JTPullFromGoogleCalendar_Input.xml” “C:\JTPullFromGoogleCalendar_Output.xml” “C:\JTPullFromGoogleCalendar_Config.ini” “C:\JTPullFromGoogleCalendar.log”

JetTrac PullFromGoogleCalendar

#Input XML Field Names
#Output XML Field Names

  • CalendarID – This will be the actual ID of the Google Calendar.
  • DateRangeStart and DateRangeEnd – Input XML field names for these values.
  • Everything under the comment “Output XML Field Names” are the names of the fields to be output into the XML data coming from the module.
  • EventStartTimeZone and EventEndTimeZone – These values are the timezone within Google Calendar for the Event Start and Event End.
  • ColorIdFilter – This field is to specify if you wish to pull data from only events of a speicifc color or colors. You can specify number(s) with a comma separated list surrounded by double quotes as seen in the example above, or you can specify a field within your input XML file that contains the comma separated list. If specifying a field name, no double quotes are used. Also, if left blank, events of all colors will be pulled. See Additional Notes for the list of the colors within Google Calendar.

Additional Notes:

In the input XML there is a tag <ColorIdFilter> that can be used to only pull calendar events with a specific color, the tag can have one or more values, comma delimited if more than one,
below are the color ID’s:
9=bold blue 
10=bold green 
11=bold red

When making a Google calendar event the color options are in the following order:
Bold Blue – Blue – Turquoise – Green – Bold Green – Yellow – Orange – Red – Bold Red – Purple – Gray


Authorizing Google Calendar Modules:

As with all of our Google integration modules, in order for them to run properly there must be an authorization token on the server connected to the Google Account used by the modules. In addition only a single google account can be authorized on a server. Due to this, in situations where multiple Google Calendars are being pushed to or pulled from, we need to set up access by sharing the calendars across accounts. For example, if you have a calendar on a separate Google Account than the one authorized on the server, you can still pull data from this calendar as long as you go into the calendar settings and share it with the account that is authorized. To access settings and sharing hover over the calendar name on the left and click the three vertical dots that display and choose settings and sharing.