JetTrac Route


Splits up a single XML data file containing data for multiple documents to separate XML files containing the data for one document for each XML

Technical Support:

If you need assistance in installing and configuring JetTrac Route™, call Pro Technology Automation, Inc. at 805-527-1248 or email us at Please note that the JetTrac Route™ license fee does not cover configuration services and technical support so there may be an additional charge. Please ensure you read these instructions carefully before calling for technical support.

How to Run JetTrac Route:

To run JetTrac Route, you will need these files in the same folder:

  • JTRoute.jar
  • JTRoute.ini

Executable jar files should not be edited for any reason.

Default Functionality:

Used if the input to JetTrac is an XML file with a batch of documents and if the requirement is to process them separately.

JTRoute Command Line:

java -jar -DJETTRACLF=c:\JetTrac\JobController\License\jettrac.lic ..\jtroute.jar “C:\JTRoute_Input.xml” “C:\JTRoute.ini” “C:\JTRoute.log”

The command line starts with the java license and the modules executable JAR file, followed by the input XML file, the configuration.ini file, and ends with the log file. Each part of this command line is the fully qualified path to the file, in quotes, separated by a space (it doesn’t matter how many)

JTRoute Configuration.ini:




“<!JOB sendpieces “|Name|”>”|





Search string for beginning of new document (^fax xxx or fieldname)

Number of lines to count back from search string to beginning of record

String expression to use in creating output file (no extension)

String expression to use as job card

Maximum number of lines per record

Y = don’t filter line 4, Y/N append on duplicate (group/replace)

Trigger file name (# to skip trigger file)