JetTrac XMLCombine


The following document will go through the functionality found within JetTrac XMLCombine. This module is used when there are multiple XML input files that need to be combined into a single XML file.

Please note that any files edited while setting up JetTrac XMLCombine should be edited using Notepad or Notepad++. Do not use Microsoft Word or Wordpad as these text editors will add formatting that will interfere with the program reading the files.

Technical Support:

If you need assistance in installing and configuring JetTrac XMLCombine™, call Pro Technology Automation, Inc. at 805-527-1248 or email us at Please note that the JetTrac XMLCombine™ license fee does not cover configuration services and technical support so there may be an additional charge. Please ensure you read these instructions carefully before calling for technical support.

How to run JetTrac XMLCombine:

To run the program, you will need to have the following files located in the same folder:

  • JTXMLCombine.exe
  • ExitHandler.dll

Both files are required for the program to run and should never be edited.

Default Functionality:

JetTrac XMLCombine can combine any number of XML files (up to three when setting up through the JetTrac JobConfig GUI) into a single XML file. Within the output XML from the module, the data from each input XML will be contained within a parent node named the same as the original input file name. In addition, you are able to specify within the module configuration if you wish to ignore missing XML input files or error if any one of them are not found (within the JetTrac JobConfig GUI this is set to ignore missing files by default).

Job Step Configuration Window in JobConfig for JetTrac XMLCombine:

When setting up JetTrac XMLCombine within the JobConfig GUI you are able to specify up to three XML files to combine together. In addition, any XML files you specify that are not found when the module runs will NOT cause the module to error, but instead skip that XML file. In this screen only the First, Second, and Ouput XML file paths are required (you can’t use the module to combine fewer than two XMLs for obvious reasons).

JetTrac XMLCombine Command Line:

The command line for JetTrac XMLCombine is as follows:
Each part of the line is divided by spaces (the amount doesn’t matter), and contains the fully qualified file path to the file you are referencing surrounded by quotes.

C:\JetTrac\Programs\JTXMLCombine\JTXMLCombine.exe “C:\First.xml” “C:\Second.xml” “C:\Third.xml” “C:\Combined.xml” “C:\JTXMLCombine.log” -IgnoreMissingXML

In this we are referencing the executable, the file paths to the XMLs to combine together, the file path to the combined output XML, and the log file. In addition there is an optional parameter at the end of the command line that when added will cause the module to ignore any input XML files that do not exist and only combine the ones it can find without erroring. If this optional parameter is not present in the command line, the module will error if an input XML specified does not exist.

Additional Notes:

By default the JobConfig GUI has this module set up to handle up to three XML files and to always ignore missing files using the optional parameter. In order to change this to either remove the optional parameter or allow for more files to be combined you will need to first modify the !x portion of the C:\JetTrac\Programs\JTJobConfig\JobConfig.ini file and then the !x task line within the JMD at C:\JetTrac\JobController\Server\Config\jfserver.jmd.

Please note that JetTrac can handle any number of input XML files, however, the JobConfig GUI only has enough fields for up to five input XML files even with the manual change mentioned above.