Document Generation

Eform coming out of ScreenDocument Generation is the process of generating documents dynamically. That is, the content of the document is customized for the intended recipient. Simplistically, it may be thought of as a “Mail-merge on steroids”. For example everybody's bank statement or phone bill is different – that is, each bank statement or phone bill is dynamically generated specifically for a recipient and the data associated to their account.

ProTechnology offers a family of products for dynamic generation of customized business documents.  Document Generation can work with data from any ERP, CRM, accounting and other business software systems.  Documents can be dynamically personalized even in color with multiple automated delivery options including print, PDF, email, web delivery and archive.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as Oracle, JD Edwards, Lawson and SyteLine have been expertly designed to manage core operational tasks such as budgeting, expense tracking and business performance through various financial modules. With increasing frequency, the complex nature of today's business environment is pushing organizations to seek ways of fine-tuning their ERP systems to better address the nuances of an evolving regulatory environment and an increasingly electronic marketplace.

As such, day-to-day business needs are quickly moving beyond the capabilities of the ERP system alone. Confronting these needs necessitates a strategic partner who can deliver full-featured solutions for ERP environments that address the complexities of today's document output management requirements. ProTechnology has leveraged its extensive document output experience of 20 years to provide organizations with a wide variety of essential, modular components that extend ERP applications for document generation, and composition, digital archiving, and automated document distribution.

ProTechnology’s JetTrac DocOrigin is a powerful, next-generation electronic forms and output management solution for formatting, personalizing and delivering ERP output. A true enterprise-class application, JetTrac DocOrigin converts standard application output into more attractive, functional and efficient electronic documents, and then intelligently distributes them over a variety of delivery channels including print, fax, email, Web or digital archive.

According to industry analysts, Gartner and IDC, as much as 21 percent of the cost of an ERP roll-out is spent designing and producing documents. JetTrac DocOrigin solutions automates these processes creating substantial savings through eliminating pre-printed forms and the waste due to obsolescence, automating document and payment distribution, and minimizing the costs associated with handling, storage and related hardware.

We offer easy-to-use forms design tools that allow customers to maintain and develop their own business documents.