Digital PrivacyDocument Imaging Solutions For Government Agencies

State and local government agencies rely on many forms of data collection to support the services they provide to their community.  Permits, licenses, contracts, accident reports, safety inspections, registrations, and petitions are just a few examples of the tremendous number of data collection applications government must manage.  And, providing efficient and accurate access to this information is vital to the health and safety of the community.  Furthermore, the general public is expecting the same type of 24×7 access to information that the private sector offers, making these tasks even more time-sensitive.  ProTechnlogy understands the needs of state and local government and provides automated systems that satisfy both legislative (Section 508, GPEA, eGov Act) and citizen mandates to process information more effectively than ever.  ProTechnology provides non-proprietary solutions in the following areas:

  • eForm Management Systems
  • Business Process Management (approval workflow)
  • High-Volume Document Capture
  • Automated Data Entry (paper forms processing)
  • Mobile Inspection Forms (Tablet PC, SmartPhone)
  • Content Management Systems
  • Fax-based Document & Data Capture
  • Email-based Document Capture
  • Multi-Function Device Document Capture (copiers)
  • Document Classification (unstructured documents)
  • Image Redaction (sensitive information)