Health Care


We have developed solutions for Production Document Generation in the Accounting and Payroll Departments of Hospitals, Patient Admissions Systems and a Mobile Data Capture & Process Automation Solution for a Healthcare provider that delivers in-home patient care.

Hospitals and Medical Centers are very form intensive environments. Moving organizations for paper based forms and manual business process to electronic forms and automated workflows is a specialty of ProTechnology. We are also experts at moving organizations from inefficient paper storage to efficient electronic document storage and retrieval solutions.
ProTechnology has numerous customers in the Healthcare Industry such as various Children’s Hospital and Health Systems around the USA, Cascade Healthcare, St Charles Medical Center, Coffee Regional Medical Center, Integrated Medical Systems, Matrix Medical Network, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, St Charles Medical Center, UCI Medical Center, Bayley Seton Sisters of Charity Hospital, University of Utah Hospital and Westside Community Hospital to name a few.

If we could meet the demands of these Healthcare clients we are confident we can provide you with a great Healthcare Solution that meets your requirements.

Highly skilled, high paid, healthcare professionals are often burdened by mundane tasks such as manual data entry adding to the overall cost of delivering care.  Compounding the issue is a reduction in available labor and reimbursement dollars to support additional data collection requirements mandated by government, insurers, and quality care initiatives.  This is where ProTechnology has been making a direct impact on significantly minimizing the work required to accomplish these resource intensive tasks.  By attacking the problem with proven solutions that provide a measurable return on investment, healthcare provide can gain an edge reducing costs.

ProTechnology provides a vast array of technologies targeting the following applications:

Approval Forms (HR, Purchasing) Medical Record Capture
Clinical Research Studies  National Registry Forms (Cardiology)
Consent Forms  Patient Surveys (Screenings)
Document Management  Payment Processing (EOBs)
Health Risk Appraisal Forms  Progress Notes (SICU, Rehabilitation)
Incident Reports  Quality Management (Core Measures, Outcomes Analysis, Patient Safety,
Rule-Based Process Audit)
Medical Record Forms (Charge Capture, Requisitions, Workmen's Comp)