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    JetTrac DocOrigin provides the easiest migration path for Central users

    You have relied on Adobe/JetForm Central and ProTechnology for your production document generation requirements for many years. Now that Adobe has officially sunset Adobe Central and will no longer provide updates or support it is important to select a replacement solution that will ensure the ability to create, deliver and manage high-value business documents that will meet the needs of modern business.
    Many organizations struggle to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing business requirements due to the antiquated state of their document generation systems. ProTechnology provides a path forward with automated batch form conversion tools and streamlined procedures to migrate forms and production processes quickly and accurately — minimizing costs, downtime and conversion risks. Whether you need to produce large volumes of business critical documents or just a single customer letter, you need a system that creates and manages them quickly, easily and affordably. JetTrac DocOrigin is the solution of choice to replace Adobe/JetForm Central as it provides the easiest migration path of any solution on the market.

    Simplifying Document Output Migration


    Developed by the Founders of the Document Generation Industry

    JetTrac DocOrigin is a new generation of document rendering technology, developed by the people who originally created the Adobe Central (JetForm/Accelio) family of products and the JetTrac suite of solutions. JetTrac DocOrigin is as robust and dependable as Central but built on modern technology and is more efficient, faster, easier to work with, and is intune with today’s document requirements. The developer’s extensive history with forms and document production enables them to get you converted to JetTrac DocOrigin quickly and effectively. From production speeds to the complex assembly of a dynamic form, JetTrac DocOrigin has left no stone unturned, addressing every facet of your existing document output needs.

    ProTechnology has developed technology specifically for Adobe/JetForm Central customers migrating to JetTrac DocOrigin in the following areas:

    • Automated form conversion from IFD to DocOrigin format substantially shortening form development time.
    • Option to continue using your existing Central Job Management Database (JMD) with little or no changes using JetTrac DocOrigin’s JobController through a graphical interface.
    • Engineer your production processes with new powerful server-side scripting capabilities.
    • Using your existing Job Management Database allows you to manage both solutions simultaneously for a phased migration.
    • JetTrac DataTrans supports your existing Central TDFs (Transformation Definition File) eliminating the need to re-develop your data mapping.
    • JetTrac Dashboard provides administrators a windows to monitor real-time production processing.
    • Other advanced capabilities including multi-threading support for greater throughput.
    • Server-side scripting opens the door for unlimited capabilities such as web-service calls, SMS notification and more.

    Ideal product replacement for Adobe/JetForm Central

    Best-In-Class Solution

    JetTrac DocOrigin drives output from any business management software anywhere it needs to go! It is fueled by your data to define the content, structure and assembly of your document. Robust features such as QR barcodes, 3D graphics, content‑driven, custom ads and eye-catching colors draw the audience to the right information quickly and easily. Its powerful engine runs at top-speeds unmatched by its competitors to generate output for HTML, PDF, high-speed printer, email or a combination of all of them. JetTrac DocOrigin has taken document output to new levels to include must have features such as:

    • WYSIWYG Design Interface lets designers jump in from day one.
    • Object and Common Properties Palettes lets designers make changes to one or more objects at a time.
    • Data Explorer allows you to drag-and-drop individual fields or entire XML parents nodes on your form to speed up data definition.
    • Data mapping follows the same structure as a standard XML layout, highlighting mapped fields on your form, making the development process intuitive to any user.
    • Printer Configuration Control lets you define DPI, color, barcode attributes, fonts and more.
    • Merge Test and PDF Preview gives developers’ immediate feedback on their progress.
    • Auto-Generate Test Data not only speeds up testing when test data is not available but also provides programmers a template for their development.
    • Simple Overflow Header and Footer are defined with a click of a mouse.
    • Automatic Pagination that wraps within visual page boundaries eliminates the complexity of page reserve tracking.
    • Powerful dynamic forms capabilities allow panes, or dynamic slices of a form, to automatically float within a predefined content boundary.
    • Simple Page X of Y eliminates the need to run a trace file to determine total pages.
    • Column Support automatically distributes content within predefined boundaries.
    • Hierarchical View of Objects makes it easy for the user to navigate through the most complex applications and change object properties and their order.
    • Embedded Field Support allows data to be pulled within a text object for personalization.
    • Bar, Line, and Pie Chart support gives your target audience a visual representation of your data.
    • Fixed or data-driver 2D and 3D barcodes automate production print, document processing
    • and even marketing by allowing your customer-facing documents to become a marketing vehicle for upselling products and services.
    • JavaScript, an industry-standard programming language, can be applied to any object or step in the process, thus, creating unlimited form design and processing capabilities.
    • Filter Editor tool allows users to define complex XML data structures from a print overlay file.

    Seamless Forms Migration

    • Powerful conversion tools to migrate your Central templates (IFD) to JetTrac DocOrigin format either one at a time or in a batch.
    • Existing subforms are automatically converted to panes with simple object settings to define if they are mandatory, repeating, allowed to split and more.
    • Field format, type, picture masks and global settings are captured.
    • Embedded fields within text objects are automatically converted to the new syntax.
    • *No Print* fields are hidden.
    • Built-in data conversion tool to automatically convert field nominated data to XML.

    Options for Advanced Functionality

    JetTrac Field Service allows a fillable PDF form to be included with other documents created by JetTrac DocOrigin and sent electronically to enhance productivity and agility. Gain a competitive edge by reducing manual data entry costs, improving information accuracy, automating routing and workflow procedures. JetTrac Field Service supports HTML and/or PDF forms on IOS, Android, Windows and any browser for initiating or participating in business process workflows. JetTrac Field Service can work even when a user is off-line and doesn’t have access to the internet.

    Customer Communication Center allows non-technical users to run campaigns or insert messaging into production documents without IT involvement. For example, marketing can run a promotion that varies based on the different items that each customer has purchased.

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