JetTrac Field Service solutions are ideal for so many professions, allowing them to do so much more with less.

Here are the top 8 industries that could benefit from JetTrac Field Service to fuel efficiency and reduce costs in their day-to-day operations::


Electrician-HiRes 1. Field Service & Field Inspections:

ProTechnology provides flexible and powerful field inspection process automation capability. Our mobile data collection solutions transform field and site inspection processes, providing strong efficiency and effectiveness benefits and improving availability of critical data for compliance, reporting, and analysis. Learn more..

general-contractor 2. Construction

JetTrac Field Inspection has powerful offline capabilities and a user-friendly paper-like interface that make data collection in the field easy, and real-time analytics in the home office a reality. Real-time mobile information solutions put project iterations and billable events into your system quickly and accurately.

claim-adjuster-insurance3. Insurance Claims Adjusters

ProTechnology has been working with insurance companies for over 20 years on their policy document needs. We have developed a number of software solutions to handle complex logic to determine how policy documents (as well as many other insurance related documents) need to be generated for multiple lines of business across multiple states. Learn more..

manufacturing4. Manufacturing

ProTechnology has worked with hundreds of clients in the manufacturing space over the last 20 years to provide advanced capabilities for producing business documents like accounts payable checks, invoices, credit memos, purchase orders, work orders, bills of lading and dozens of other types of documents used in all areas of manufacturing companies. Learn more..

DoctorFemale5. Healthcare

ProTechnology mobile-data capture solutions act as comprehensive vendor-neutral EMR/HIS front-end capture systems that turns paper workflows into fast, secure, and easy-to-use electronic data. Your staff should be focused on patients, not tedious, redundant paperwork. With the Mi-Forms mobile data capture platform, you can make patients a priority. Learn more..

6. Education

Facing smaller budgets, increased student safety precautions, and a more watchful public eye, Educational institutions are finding it harder to keep up with the demand for additional checks and balances. Workflow and approval processes based entirely on paper forms moving through the organization are slow, tedious, and difficult to track. Learn more..

oil workers with mobile tablet7. Oil & Gas

Delays in entering billing data mean longer cash cycles. Delays in entering inspection data mean your organization is out of compliance and has no visibility into operations. JetTrac Field Inspection solves both problems with point-of-inspection or point-of-service data collection solutions that seamlessly integrate with your database, service management, or accounting system to improve cash-flow, compliance, and operational efficiencies. JetTrac Field Inspection mobile data capture is ideally suited for field inspection work, including well tending, permitting, preventive maintenance inspections, rig construction and operation, regulation compliance, and quality assurance. Learn more..

20731395_l8. Government

State and local government agencies rely on many forms of data collection to support the services they provide to their community.  Permits, licenses, contracts, accident reports, safety inspections, registrations, and petitions are just a few examples of the tremendous number of data collection applications government must manage.  And, providing efficient and accurate access to this information is vital to the health and safety of the community.  Furthermore, the general public is expecting the same type of 24×7 access to information that the private sector offers, making these tasks even more time-sensitive. Learn more..

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